Texas State Bluebonnet Tartan

Texas State Bluebonnet Tartan


Tartan refers to fabric woven into plaid patterns which represent clans, families or regions in Scotland.  A Tartan may be designed to commemorate a special event or person.  In old Scotland, the Tartan was used for dress as well as a banner or flag.  The kilt is made in special Tartan designs.  Because a family or community worked the cloth together, their clothing was made of the same patterns, and so a person could be recognized by the Tartan plaid that he wore.

The Texas Bluebonnet Tartan is the official State Tartan of Texas, and has been officially recognized both by the Texas government as well as the Tartan Registries in Scotland.

June Prescott McRoberts (1922-1999) used the colors and symmetry of the state flower to design the Bluebonnet Tartan. She received much help and guidance from the Scottish Tartan Society Museum in Scotland and later registered the Bluebonnet Tartan with the STS Museum, the official register for tartans.


IThe first official recognition of the tartan came in 1986 when the Sesquicentennial Committee of Texas adopted the Bluebonnet Tartan as the official Sesquicentennial Tartan. Then in 1989, Texas Representative Schlueter became aware of the Texas Bluebonnet Tartan and one of his last acts before retiring was to put forth the motion that the tartan be officially adopted as the State Tartan. In May 25, 1989, by In-House Concurrence Resolution#242, the Texas Bluebonnet Tartan became the official State Tartan for the great state of Texas.

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