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The oldest signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence was Collin McKinney, of Scottish descent. Both the county of Collin and the town of McKinney are named after him.

There are many other Texans of Scottish origin: Bigfoot Wallace, John B. Denton, Cecil Lyon, Burke Burnett, John Simpson Chisum (Chisholm), Albert S. Johnston, Stephen Crosby, Capt. R.A. Gillespie, Anthony Lucas, William C. Crane.

William "Bigfoot" Wallace

William “Bigfoot” Wallace

One of the descendents of Sir William (Braveheart) Wallace was  William “Bigfoot” Wallace.  He came to Texas when two of his relatives, his older brother and a cousin, were killed at the Goliad Massacre and stayed to help build the new nation and then the State of Texas.  He was a soldier and a Texas Ranger, who became a folk hero in the early days of Texas history!!

Aberdeen Angus cattle were first exported from Scotland into Texas in 1883.

Our ranching term “spread” comes from Gaelic “spreid” which is a flock of sheep and “spredith” which means cattle or livestock of any kind.

The Texas town of Ingram was named after the original Texas bragger. He wrote home to Scotland telling outrageous stories extolling Texas.

Ten men from Scotland financed the building of the state capitol in Austin. In exchange, the state government gave them 150,000 acres which became the famous XIT Ranch. The XIT stands for “Ten in Texas”.

The colloquialism “y’all” evolved from the Gaelic construction “sibh vile” (se’ vall) or you all. In Scotland the phraseology “are you all going?” or “are we all invited?” is used as opposed to the English form of “all of us” or “all of you.”


Texas Counties of Scottish origin

Texas Counties of with names of Scottish origin


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